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Paul Robert Pavers Inc. is a Boca Raton paving contractor that provides complete commercial and residential paving services for concrete protection, replacement and repair.

For many years, Paul Robert Pavers Inc. has handled the paving requirements for Boca Raton and surrounding areas. Specializing in all phases of sealcoating installation, including overlays, extensions and major or minor repairs for commercial and industrial establishments or residential homes, Paul Robert Pavers Inc. offers complete and accredited paving services for projects both large and small.

Does your residential driveway require the services of an experienced Boca Raton paving contractor?

Paul Robert Pavers Inc.’s skilled and experienced work crew provides black top paving, sealcoating, from driveways, walkways and patios, to municipal roads and industrial spaces. Concrete paving, foundations and demolition work is also part of our wide ranging service repertoire, to meet any of Boca Raton’s paving requirements.

Up-to-date knowledge of Boca Raton building code regulations.

Up-to-date knowledge of Boca Raton building code regulations.

Bonded, insured, and fully licensed, Paul Robert Pavers Inc.’s qualified workforce provides skilled expertise and prompt and reliable service. For information on concrete upgrades, new driveway constructions or repairs and paving estimates in Boca Raton, contact our office for a consultation.

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