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Pool Service in Fort Lauderdale

Servicing Pool Owners in the Fort Lauderdale area

Paul Robert Pavers Inc. is proud to offer the following pool services to Fort Lauderdale pool owners. If you would like more information, or would like to inquire about a Fort Lauderdale pool service that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Renovations

A pool is much like any other structure: eventually it calls for renovation. Whether you need tile or coping repaired or replaced, your filtration system updated or your pool itself fitted with a new coat of paint, Paul Robert Pavers Inc. can help.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Repairs

Regardless of how much money you have invested in your swimming pool it, like everything else, will eventually need a bit of repair work to keep it in good shape. From your pool bed itself to pool accessories and equipment such as pumps and filters, Paul Robert Pavers Inc. does it all.

Quick Tip

If you plan on opening your pool yourself - make sure that you have all your bases covered to ensure an enjoyable season.

  • Clean and remove your pool's winter cover
  • Clean the pool's surface and surrounding tiled or cemented area
  • Drain and clean all water tubes and drains
  • Fill pool - add the required chemicals and test the chemical balance of the water
  • Check heater, pump and filter